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Sales Generation - BPO Services

Recently launched a Business Process Outsourcing to provide sales and support functions for media and publishing.

Why Outsource Insider Sales::

  • Tactical Revenue: We help you achieve the next level of growth quickly.
  • Cost of Sales: Building, supporting and managing a sales force can be expensive and often it is hard to find what the true ‘cost of sales’ really is. Ved Innovations offers clients fixed cost of sales solutions.
  • Speed to Market: It is much quicker to have a well trained sales team out making calls – Ved Innovations sales process.

Insider Sales Outsourcing::

  • Ved Innovations, Inc. becomes your partner in sales by providing sales resources, including all overhead expenses, such as recruiting, payroll, insurance, commissions, equipment, training, etc., along with management responsibilities. As an outsourcing partner, Ved Innovations takes the responsibility to manage the sales team to meet your expectations.

Our Sales Team::

  • Sales professionals with experience in media sales are also available.
  • Our sales agents only represent one client when they are selling.
  • Inside sales professional with a minimum of one year telephone sales experience in high volume sales.
  • Educated in English medium curriculum with working knowledge of western business practices.
  • Each member trained to make at least ninety outbound sales calls per day.
  • Aggressive, well spoken and high-energy professionals who have the ability to get to the decision maker and make the appointment and sale.
  • Dedicated services include:Sales Generation,Appointment Setting,Lead Generation,Telemarketing,Product Marketing,Market Entry,Cold Calling.