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Content Editing


Publishers face balancing act in today’s global market place. How do they minimize editorial costs while improving the quality of their content?


While you focus on finding new content and launching new publications or websites we help you control the costs by helping you with copy editing, grammar and punctuation checks, style alignment, headlines, decks etc.


Extensive portfolio of editorial services (print):

  • Writing.
  • Research and analytical skills.
  • Editing.
  • Design, Manage and organize content.
  • Graphic design and production.
  • Overall proofreading.


Building expertise in E-publishing:

  • Content aggregation.
  • Tracking specific industries and market segments.
  • Creating micro-sites targeted for specific groups.
  • Editing, uploading and tagging stories.
  • Graphics and picture management for websites.



  • Content aggregation, particularly for B2B sites.
  • Creating newsletters and digests .
  • Tracking specific sectors and subjects .
  • Educated in English medium curriculum with working knowledge of western business practices.
  • Creating micro-sites targeted at specific communities or groups.
  • Editing, uploading and tagging stories.
  • Resizing and uploading pictures.


 Our key differentiator is our ability to weave our services around the unique editorial requirements of each publication. Our team has the expertise to quickly understand the information needs of a well-defined audience. This is supplemented by technology skills that include tagging and search optimization.