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Supply Chain

Vilogis JDA Integration Suite - A Complete E2E Supply Chain Solution

ViLogis Integration Suite: :

  • Convergence of Demand, Supply, Transportation, Warehousing and Inventory Management Software
  • Improves operational efficiency through supply chain visibility
  • Assures data integrity in supply chain transactions
  • Enables product authentication
  • Provides secure, role-based access; and can be integrated with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

Its customizable business rules can adapt quickly to changes in regulations, business practices or partner requirements, and across global operations.

ViLogis is Ideal solution for: :

  • Logistics
  • Transportation Management
  • Wareshouse Management
  • Eprocurement


ViLogis Advangates: 

The drive for integrated Supply Chain Solutions has fuelled an ongoing trend among software companies to expand narrow solutions-based products into broader suits of products. As a result, a rapid convergence of software packages for Warehousing Management Systems, Transportation Management Systems and Inventory Management Systems, has been taking place.

The reasons for the convergence of software application packages, which traditionally dealt with one specific aspect of Logistics, are not far to seek. Warehouses are under pressure to become highly efficient distribution centers, and are required to communicate upstream with manufacturers and suppliers on the one hand, and downstream to carriers and end users on the other. Such demands are forcing managers dealing with warehousing management to seek changes in their existing software packages and acquire new functionalities. Similarly, the traditional transport companies are being increasingly called upon to become networked with warehousing companies on the one hand, and with suppliers and distribution chain members on the other.

The other reason why convergence of warehousing, transportation and inventory management software is taking place so rapidly is because ERP solutions have not helped most companies in integrating their Logistics chain. Advanced planning and scheduling systems such as i2 Technologies and Manugistics logistics have also not been of adequate help in integrating the back end Logistics sitemaps.

However, convergence is facing serious challenges. The business processes involved in warehousing, transportation , inventory management and other facets of Logistics continue to be disparate and nonintegrated and that makes the task of creating and integrated Logistics suite quite complex. The focus on software integrators at the moment is on building ability to accommodate different processes. One of the primary areas being addressed is workflow so that integrated Logistics software can be truly a user configurable and user adaptable process upon implementation.

The first concern of integrators is on selection of appropriate technology, which can enable integration of various execution systems with the transactional systems of users. The second concern is about developing architecture for integrating unlike systems. Development of a robust architecture i.e., the integration and messaging backbone is as much crucial as the selection of a transactional system, be it Oracle, SAP or a homegrown system of the user company.

The challenges before creating a robust architecture are manifold. Through links to third-party system, the backbone layers can also serve as a Distribution Center's inventory visibility pipeline, providing it with views of inventory levels across numerous facilities, goods in transit and inventory held by its suppliers and distributors. With such visibility held by its suppliers and distributors. With such visibility levels, a Distribution Center can be enabled to balance inventory levels among other DCs in its network, based on demand forecasts, recommended inventory levels, and customer orders.

ViLogis Features include: :

  • Integrated EDI
  • Support for Multiple Accounts
  • Integrated Customer/Carrier Web Portal
  • Support for Multiple Warehouses/Terminals/Stations
  • Extensive Customer Account Configuration