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VIvoip Billing System - VBS

VIvoip Billing System - VBS is the industry’s leading billing system which empowers service providers with all necessary features to successfully implement a wide variety of VoIP business models. The product features advanced VoIP billing capabilities, carrier grade robustness and high scalability to meet the needs of both emerging and established telecoms and service providers. With unlimited call billing capabilities, VIvoip VBS enables providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.

  • VIvoip Features include: :

  • VIvoip VBS offers both standard and advanced billing functionality which enables service providers to fine tune their business models and attract the most lucrative customer segments. VIvoip VBS supports both traditional call billing methods, such as initial time charges, sample interval charges, per call charges and others as well as advanced methods.
  • Modular Architecture:

  • VIvoip VBS utilizes modular architecture which allows high degree of product customization. Service providers benefit as they have the option to hand-pick functionality that they need and tailor VBS to serve better their particular business needs.
  • Management of Calling Cards :

  • VIvoip VBS features complete set of tools for managing calling cards. The product can generate unlimited number of PIN batches, manage PIN activation, deactivation and expiration, impose call restrictions based on dialed number prefix, restrict maximum call time and others.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alerts:

  • VIvoip Billing can notify administrators via email alerts when particular events occur, such as when users sign up for services or cancel subscriptions.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: :

  • VIvoip VBS offers comprehensive reporting capabilities which enable providers to manage their businesses more effectively. VIvoip VBS provides multiple customizable reports including, accounting, revenue, expenses, call history by user and others.
  • Carrier Grade Reliability :

  • VIvoip VBS offers improved system availability and reliability through support for redundant server configurations. Providers can set up an active and a passive server with periodic database replications between servers. The passive server can perform periodic status checks on the active one and can take over traffic if the latter becomes temporarily unavailable.